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Glasgow Short Film Festival

Glasgow, United Kingdom

impressions by Daniel Ebner


Surely the main reason for the “Let Glasgow Flourish” motto being embroidered in the city’s crest must be the presence of its own homonymous short film festival. As the King in the North of the short film festivals of Scotland, Glasgow Short Film Festival presents a varied international programme alongside the most surprising short films made by folks from both the Lowlands and the Highlands.

Born in 2008 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival, GSFF moved from February to March in 2015 in order to get its own slot in the festival calendar before becoming a fully independent event in 2020. Festival co-directors Matt Lloyd and Sanne Jehoul form the wittiest and funniest work-couple in the entire European short film festival circuit. Although managing a quite small staff compared to other renowned events, the duo has successfully managed to establish an inclusive festival featuring compelling film focuses, directors’ retrospectives alongside the beforementioned competitions. While celebrating the most varied forms of cinema, as well as establishing international collaborations for the benefit of both local filmmakers and guests from abroad: Glasgow Short Film Festival serves a hub for creative minds where something cinematographically new and unpredictable can be envisioned.

In conclusion, here you can find a personal tip — based on real events — for a visit to Glasgow Short Film Festival: watch lots of films, attend some panels, chitchat with people during networking events, find yourself at least one companion and then immerse in the city nightlife. If possible, avoid being beaten on the streets and have lots of laughs until late, all in the freezing cold. You definitely won’t regret it and you might become buddies for life with those you meet at GSFF.

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