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Lisboa, Portugal

impressions by Daniel Ebner


A festival that breathes the love for cinema and whose commitment to artistic independence and its close link with the city where it takes place is directly reflected in its name: IndieLisboa. You don’t really have to look for a red carpet here, even if the festival also likes to present big names and big titles. Rather, all films and filmmakers are celebrated in the same way, whether their films are ten or one hundred minutes long (works up to 59 minutes count as shorts here, by the way) and whether it’s a debut work or a recognized masterpiece.

This positioning has earned IndieLisboa — which takes over large parts of Lisbon every year at the end of April/beginning of May and is popular in the city not least for its impressive night program — an extremely good reputation. Even larger festivals can be consciously about the art form of cinema and follow an uncompromising stance. And this does not need to go along with some sort of sour seriousness, but on the contrary can be all about a celebratory curiosity and a dedication to discovery.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to fall in love with IndieLisboa. True, sometimes you have to cover longer distances between the individual venues; and the duration of the festival often contributes to the fact that you just miss other guests. But in return, you walk through one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in the blooming spring, and for every guest you miss, you meet other exciting guests who may well become close friends. That the festival is also backed by the dearest people you can imagine only makes the desire to come back every year stronger.

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