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Filmfest Dresden

Dresden, Germany

impressions by Daniel Ebner


Dresden. Cradle of the chocolate manufactory, center of German animation and home of Filmfest Dresden, first held in 1989 (only a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall). If you drive across the Elbe towards Neustadt today, it's hard to imagine that in recent years the headlines here have been mainly for anti-democratic protest marches; not least because this part of the city is home to Filmfest with its beautiful cinemas, alternative bars and popular film programmes and is committed to a cosmopolitan and tolerant Saxony.

Those who travel to Filmfest Dresden (the fact that the festival is exclusively about short films is only revealed by its subtitle) will encounter a motivated team (Talking Shorts co-initiator Anne Gaschütz is the best example of this!), lively interest from the local population including long discussions with filmmakers and curators, and some of the highest prize money in the entire short film scene (a total of 67000 euros). And for some years now, Filmfest Dresden, which specializes in short fiction and animated films, has also been exemplary in terms of accessibility. You see, Dresden is almost always worth a visit. Filmfest Dresden definitely always is.

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1 Picture by Oliver Killig at Opening of 31st edition of Filmfest Dresden