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Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

impressions by Daniel Ebner


Oh, memories! And plenty of them! Hardly any festival has such a legendary reputation as Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg (which, by the way, is one of the reasons why the author of these lines has dedicated himself to the short cinematic form). From the lovingly designed festival center that serves as a much-loved industry meeting place in early June, to the mass film walk A Wall Is A Screen, to the radically ecstatic 35ml bar that serves as a model for uninhibited get-to-know-you rituals for many other festivals.

The festival team around Sven Schwarz and Maike Mia Höhne works hard to live up to this reputation every year, designing a program that often oscillates between hardcore experimentation and popular formats, leaving plenty of room for discussion in between. These discussions can then sometimes drag on for many hours and long nights, when the festival center is once again far too cozy, the cinemas seemingly far too distant and the bar simply far too close. And did I mention that Hamburg is always worth a trip anyway? Anyway, see you at the 35ml bar!

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