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Sedicicorto International Film Festival

Forlì, Italy

impressions by Enrico Vannucci


The name Sedicicorto is a word game in Italian. "Se dici corto" stands for "if you say short." In fact, this was the original motto that lays behind the creation of this event: "Se dici corto, cosa ti viene in mente?" ("If you say short, what comes to mind?").

Founded by Gianluca Castellini (who is still the Artistic Director today) in 2004 in the city of Forlì, Sedicicorto is one of the largest events dedicated to the short film format not only in the Emilia-Romagna region but also in Italy, and it's now one of the long-lasting short film events in the country.

The program is usually rich in several competitions — Movie (for international fiction and documentary shorts), Animalab (for international animation and experimental shorts), Cortitalia (for national shorts), Animare (for international children's animation shorts), Menod5 (for international shorts up to five minutes), CortoinLoco (for regional shorts), Student (for international shorts from film schools) Premi Speciali — each one awarding a main prize named Lumior (the mascot of the festival) and other special mentions.

Set in the land of Romagna, despite the usually chilly autumn climate in early October, visitors can expect a warm welcome, a friendly atmosphere, and lots of great food. For those up to sightseeing tours, train rides to Rimini and Bologna are much recommended while attending the festival. Due to the distance from Forlì, daily visits are compatible with the Sedicicorto screenings at night.

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