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Vienna Shorts

Vienna, Austria

impressions by Enrico Vannucci


Do you like good short films? Do you adore strolling down the streets of a historical, beautiful and cozy city? And what about dancing until late for six days in a row (you know, technically speaking it is called “networking”)? If you fancy all that: welcome to Vienna Shorts!

Founded in 2003 with the goal of "presenting independent films and promote exceptional talent" (their words) the festival up to this day has managed to establish itself as one of the prime yearly events for people in the short film industry. Happening between the end of May and the first days of June, festival goers can benefit from the late spring hot climate of the city which anyway always comes second to the warm welcome offered by the festival's team (helmed by the Talking Shorts co-Founders Doris Bauer and Daniel Ebner). Maybe that is one of the reasons why 10,000 filmlovers and 600 accredited professionals pay a visit each year.

Definitely one of the most politically outspoken events in the short film festival circuit, Vienna Shorts can be seen as a hub where serious issues are tackled and presented through films in order to be expanded into meaningful discussions afterwards. This approach that can be resumed in the catchphrase "We Need To Disagree", one of their most successful festival mottos proudly stated a few years back.

As an EFA-, BAFTA- & Oscar-qualifying event — also promoting professional Industry days and a one month long artist residence in the beautiful capital city of Austria — Vienna Shorts can be the opportunity that many emerging directors look for to help them leap forward in their careers.

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