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Let’s get critical!


Let’s get critical!

organiser: Glasgow Short Film Festival and Short Waves Festival

location: Online

date: August 22nd 2020

format: Panel

synopsis: Academic discourse as well as journalistic resources for short films have always been, and still are, limited. Though the short film scene is an active, flourishing field and the prime source of innovation for film and filmmaking, there is still a serious lack of education, canonisation and criticism. Talking Shorts’ prime purpose is to widen this current (lack of) discourse about the short film as an art form. In this panel we aim to explore the current state of short film criticism in terms of accessibility and opportunities. Who is doing it and who is it for? Has the rise of more streaming platforms over the past couple of years also increased the quantity of writings about short film? Does more short film distribution equals better criticism? Can the concretisation of a short film canon nurture more public education? Let’s get critical!

moderator: Enrico Vannucci (Talking Shorts)

panelists: Maria D. Richter (Ubiquarian), Julian Ross (Locarno Film Festival), Laura Walde (Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur)

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