Talking Shorts

Emel-Elizabeth Tuulik

Emel Elizabeth Tuulik is an Estonian-Kurdish culture critic and curator currently residing in Berlin, Germany. In 2022, they graduated from Tartu University with a degree in Art History, along with a minor in Semiotics and Culture Theory, specialising in personal mythology and structuralism. Emel has versatile experience serving as a jury member at various international film festivals, such as Giornate degli Autori (2020) and The Black Nights Film Festival, Just Film (2015). In 2022 they were chosen to participate in the Baltic Women in Film and Television Mentorship programme focusing on strengthening the connections between female film professionals. Amongst that, they’ve worked as a script supervisor, editor, and freelance journalist, mostly focusing on intersectionality, children’s rights, and narrative disruption caused by the male gaze. Their works have been published on BerlinLovesYou, ERR, Sirp,, etc.

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