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There are thousands of short film festivals out there. Talking Shorts is lucky to be supported by several of the most relevant ones. Read more about them below.

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2024 Reading List

Lyrical Monsters
Yann Gonzalez on Hideous

Hideous by Yann Gonzalez

Interview with Yann Gonzalez by Anas Sareen
A Looming Loss

Aunque es de noche by Guillermo García López

Review by Miriam Vogt
Contemporary Grammars
Digital Textures As An Existential Compass

Essay by Alonso Aguilar
Between Delicate and Violent (Şirin Bahar Demirel, 2023)}
Re-Framing the Family Archive
Using Home Videos in Documentary Filmmaking

Essay by Patrick Gamble
Saving Some Random Insignificant Stories}
Saving Stories and Savouring Paradoxes
Anna Vasof on Saving Some Random Insignificant Stories

Saving Some Random Insignificant Stories by Anna Vasof

Interview with Anna Vasof by Savina Petkova
*Jill, Uncredited* (Anthony Ing, 2022)}
Which Direction Home?
How Different Sources of Capital Direct Our Personal Agency

Essay by Fedor Tot
Keep Filming: Palestinian Short Films Towards Liberation

Essay by Öykü Sofuoğlu
Love and Fiction, Our Saviours!

Flores del otro Patio by Jorge Cadena

Review by Savina Petkova
Lost Generations
Fractured Identities of Post-War Former-Yugoslavia in Short Films

Essay by Patrick Gamble
All Inclusive}
Utopiyin, Utopiyang

All Inclusive by Corina Schwingruber Ilić

Review by Sanne Jehoul
Paradise Europe}
Berlin Is Just Trying To Fuck You
Leandro Goddinho and Paulo Menezes on Paradise Europe

Paradise Europe by Leandro Goddinho Paulo Menezes

Interview with Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes by Dora Leu
The Truth of An Illusion
Sam Manasca on Cross My Heart And Hope To Die

Interview with Sam Manacsa by Iris Sang
Desiring Young Woman

27 by Flóra Anna Buda

Review by Savina Petkova
A Kind of Testament}
You Are Being Watched

A Kind of Testament by Stephen Vuillemin

Review by Michiel Philippaerts

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