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European cinema and film criticism have been declared dead over and over. The European Network for Film Discourse (The END) actively counters this idea. When “The End” appears in classic cinema, it usually marks the start of something new: reflection and discussion about the film. This is precisely what the network stands for.

Founded in 2017 and gradually expanded since, The European Network for Film Discourse now consists of six unique and diverse European film festivals—Filmfest Dresden (DE), Vienna Shorts (AT), Lago Film Fest (IT), Kortfilmfestival Leuven (BE), FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival (SI) and Vilnius Short Film Festival (LT)—and is funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. Talking Shorts is the official outlet of the network.

The network’s main purpose is to promote critical film discourse by and for a younger generation and to familiarise new audiences with a flourishing European film landscape. To do so, we distinguish the following objectives:

  • to reach out and educate new and existing audiences and promote audiovisual work via profound text publications and other digital content;
  • to foster an active community of young and enthusiastic writers for Talking Shorts and to exchange and collaborate on a pan-European level;
  • to expand the network’s community by educating its participants on inclusion, diversity, and sustainability.

These are the network’s core projects:


European Workshop for Film Criticism

European Workshop for Film Criticism
The END organises three tandem workshops each year: at Filmfest Dresden and Vienna Shorts in spring, at Lago Film Fest and FeKK in summer, and at Kortfilmfestival Leuven and Vilnius International Short Film Festival in winter. Local writers are actively invited to participate.

Under the guidance of established critics, festival programmers, and filmmakers, six participants gain insight into the craft of film criticism through short films and curated short film programmes. Each workshop leg has a specific focus or targets a specific audience.

The writing process is supervised editorially during the festivals, and a selection of texts is ultimately published on Talking Shorts.


New Critics & New Audiences Award

New Critics & New Audiences Award
The participants of the European Workshop for Film Criticism collectively nominate one European film per festival they attend for the New Critics & New Audiences Award, which is annually presented online on Talking Shorts in early February.

This way, six European short films are made available globally for free for two weeks, presented with an interview with the filmmaker(s). Audiences worldwide are invited to vote for their favourite film. The winner receives a cash prize of €1000,-.

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