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Korée Wilrycx

Korée Wilrycx was bon in Antwerp, 1993. She studied Audiovisual Arts at Luca School of Arts in Brussels, where she made films with diverse themes, but always with an inquisitive eye, a focus on intimacy, and a drive to break through the heteronormative, patriarchal framework. After graduating with distinction, she went on to do a master’s degree in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp, where her love for film developed further as a maker and as a viewer, critic and researcher. Her thesis focused on the portrayal of bisexuality in film, thus deepening her research on gender and sexuality in the seventh art. On this fervour, she continued in Eye Filmmuseum, during her time as a participant in the talent development trajectory Programmers of the Future, with a project called “Women Looking at Men”, which culminated in an extensive and varied film program with screenings, performances, an exhibition and an online component. Today, she works as a freelance film programmer while also working on her first professional short film.

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