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Isadora Neves Marques

Isadora Neves Marques is a Portuguese filmmaker, visual artist, and writer. Their films and artworks have been shown in major contemporary art institutions globally. As a writer, Marques has written two books of short stories: Morrer na América (2017) and The Integration Process (2012). They also co-founded the poetry and literary publisher pântano books / livros do pântano with fellow artist and writer Alice dos Reis in 2020, with whom they published a first poetry collection, Sex as Care and Other Viral Poems (2020). Together with fellow artist Mariana Silva, they run Inhabitants, an online channel for exploratory video and documentary reporting. They directed two short fiction films, Exterminator Seed (2017) and The Bite (2019), and a short documentary A arte que faz mal à vista (2018). Their film Becoming Male in the Middle Ages (2022) was inspired by their own experiences and conversations about reproductive desires within an LGBTQIA+ context.

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