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Zhu Rikun

Zhu Rikun is an independent film director, producer, and film festival curator. He is the founder and artistic director for Fanhall Films and Fanhall Center for Arts. He produced and distributed several Chinese independent films that significantly contributed to film art in China. He established DOChina – Documentary Film Festival China in 2003, one of the earliest independent film festivals in China. In 2006 he became the co-founder and programme director of Beijing Independent Film Festival. From 2005 to 2010 he was the artistic director for LXT film fund. His first short documentary film ‘Cha Fang’ (‘The Questioning’) was finished in 2013 and won the Bill Douglas Award at GSFF14. Zhu Rikun’s first feature length documentary film ‘The Dossier’ was finished in 2014 and was selected by Locarno Film Festival.

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